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The BioLiquidator is a joint venture between Bio-Response Solutions (Danville, Indiana) and LEI Products (Madisonville, Kentucky).





Bio-Response Solutions

Bio-Response Solutions is a family owned and operated company led by CEO Joe Wilson. For over 35 years our team has specialized in the biosafety and biocontainment industries. The BioLiquidator systems were introduced in 2007 to address a great need for solutions in agricultural industries and disease response efforts.

Bio-Response Solutions is the number one producer of alkaline hydrolysis systems worldwide. Joe Wilson has 20 years' experience designing and manufacturing alkaline hydrolysis systems of all types - low and high temperature. Our full line of systems tailors to laboratories, universities, medical schools, veterinary clinics, pet loss centers, funeral homes, and crematories. Great pride is taken in providing the safest, most energy efficient, technologically advanced, and easiest to own systems in the world.

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LEI-Products was formed for the purpose of creating and manufacturing innovative environmental solutions. The principles of the company are from the same family which founded the international company Wood-Mizer Products Inc. The small engineering staff boasts over 150 years of design and manufacturing experience. With a passion for innovation and results, LEI Products is a prime resource for designing solutions for the issues our world faces today.

LEI-Products is best known for their revolutionary Bio-BurnerĀ® line. The Bio-BurnerĀ® introduces cutting edge non-catalytic technology in the bio-fuel energy. It has a wide range of applications as an environmentally friendly, economic producer of heat.

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The Bio-Response Solutions and LEI-Products team joint venture was formed in 2007. Above Left: Don Laskowski and Joe Wilson with the first prototype. Above Right: The BioLiquidator team at University of Maryland; Tim Baughman, Ben Laskowski, Dr. Allen Ingling (UMD), Samantha Sieber, and Joe Wilson.